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December 10-December 17:
Human Rights Week

December 15-December 21:
International Language Week

December 16-December 22:
Gluten-Free Baking Week

Important Days

December 1:

Basketball was created on this day by James Naismith, in 1891.
Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day
Day With(Out) Art
First issue of Playboy magazine published on this day in 1953.
United Nations World Aids Day

December 2:

Independence Day in the United Arab Emirates
National Day in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
National Park & Preserve established on this day in 1980.
Safety Razor patented on this day in 1891 by King Camp Gillette.
Special Education Day

December 3:

Illinois became the 21st state on this day in 1818.
Ozzy Osbourne was born in Birmingham, England, in 1948.

December 4:

Chanukah a.k.a. Hanukah begins at sunset and continues until the 12th.
Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day
National Dice Day


Saint Barbara's Day

December 5:

U.S. President (8th) Martin Van Buren, was born at Kinderhook, NY, in 1782.
Walt Disney was born in Chicago, IL, in 1901.
Prohibition is repealed on this day in 1933.
AFL-CIO founded on this day in 1955.
Bathtub Party Day
Krampuslauf in Austria
National Communicate With Your Baby Day
Special Kids Day

December 6:

The microwave oven is patented in 1945.
Miner's Day
National Pawnbrokers Day
St. Nicholas Day

December 7:

National Fire Safety Council was founded on this day in 1979.
Pearl Harbor Day anniversary of the 1941 attack, "a date that will live in infamy."

December 8:

Sammy Davis Jr. was born in New York, NY, in 1925.
Lady of Camarin Day celebrated in Guam


International Shareware Day
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, (U.S.S.R.) was dissolved on this day in 1991.

December 9:

National Children's Memorial Day
National Day of the Horse

December 10:

Mississippi became the 20th state in 1817.
The first Grand Ole Opry broadcast in 1927.
Human Rights Day
Constitution Day in the Kingdom of Thailand

December 11:

Indiana became the 19th state in 1816.
National Day in Burkina Faso
United Nations International Mountain Day
United Nations UNICEF Anniversary

December 12:

The golf tee was invented in 1889.
Singer/performer, Frank Sinatra was born on this day in 1915 at Hoboken, NJ.
Constitution Day in the Russian Federation


Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is observed in Mexico on this day.
Jamhur Day in the Republic of Kenya
Las Manaitas in Puerto Rico
Neutrality Day in Turkmenistan
Poinsettia Day

December 13:

Pick a Pathologist Pal Day
Republic Day in the Republic of Malta
Santa Lucia Day

December 14:

Alabama became the 22nd state on this day in 1819.

December 15:

Bill Of Rights Day
Cat Herders Day

December 16:

Boston Tea Party in 1773.
Day of Reconciliation in South Afica
Independence Day in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Victory Day in the People's Republic of Bangladesh

December 17:

The Wright Brothers achieve the first powered flight of an airplane in 1903.

December 18:

New Jersey became the 3rd state on this day in 1787.


Human Rights of Migrant Workers Day

December 20:

Mudd Day

December 21:

The first crossword puzzle was published in New York World on this day in 1913.
Humbug Day

December 22:

First day of Winter, the shortest day of the year.
World Peace Day

December 24:

Christmas Eve

December 25:

Christmas Day

December 26:

Boxing Day
Kwanzaa begins and continues through January 1, 2008.
National Whiners Day

December 27:

Chewing gum is patented in 1869.

December 28:

Iowa became the 29th state on this day in 1846.
U.S. President (28th) Woodrow Wilson was born at Staunton, VA, in 1856.
Proclamation Day observed in South Australia

December 29:

U.S. President (17th) Andrew Johnson was born at Laurens, SC, in 1808.
Texas became the 28th state on this day in 1845.


YMCA was organized on this day in 1851.
No Interruptions Day
Tick Tock Day

December 30:

Falling Needles Family Fest Day

December 31:

Hogmanay celebrated in Scotland
New Year's Eve
World Peace Meditation


November 12-December 20:
Triple Crown of Surfing

November 12-January 5:
National Gingerbread House Competition and Display

November 17-January 6:
Natchitoches Festival of Lights

November 21-December 31:
Marshall Wonderland of Lights

November 22-December 20:
Norfolk Botanical Garden of Lights

November 22-December 31:
MADD's Tie One on for Safety Holiday Ribbon Campaign

November 22-December 8:
Muskogee Garden of Lights

November 22-January 14:
Kansas City Plaza Lights

November 23-December 23:
St. Charles Christmas Traditions





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