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94.5 KSMB's Happy Birthday Contest

Let's be honest - it's still fun to hear the DJ wish you a happy birthday on the air and that's what Bobby Novosad is doing every weekday morning on 94.5 KSMB/Baton Rouge with the Happy Birthday Contest! The morning "birthday card" airs about 7:35am and listeners can submit their friends and family members celebrating.

One lucky winner will receive a 16-inch Cooke Cake from the Great American Cookie Company in Acadiana Mall. Happy Birthday from 94.5 KSMB!

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Quick Snaps
KRKO-AM/Seattle: Mayor Cassie Franklin proclaimed April 17 as ''KRKO Day'' in Everett, WA. KRKO is celebrating it 97th year of broadcasting. L-R: KRKO owner Andy Skotdal, Mayor Cassie Franklin and morning personality Tim Hunter.


Changes & Moves
Dee Garcia
Dee Garcia
KOOL-FM/Phoenix brings in Dee Garcia to join Nicholaus "Niko" Petrou on "The Niko Show," airing weekdays from 5:30-10am MT. More