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COW 97.1's Survey Triple Play!

From WCOW 97.1/La Crosse, WI comes Ben & Arnie's Survey Triple Play with a chance for listeners to win cash thanks to Pature Pride Cheese! The goal is for the contestants to give the top answer to COW 97.1's most recent surveys.

Answer one survey question correctly to make the Single Play for a CD from the COW97 Prize Vault! Answer two survey questions correctly to make the Double Play for a $10 Gift Card from the Pasture Pride Cheese Store in Cashton! If you answer all three survey questions correctly and win the current cash jackpot! $10 bucks gets added to the jackpot each day it's not claimed and the sky's the limit!

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Quick Snaps
Yea Networks: The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show took the opportunity to spread out across four of their affiliate markets last week for a Thursday Meet-Up with thousands of KiddNation members. Co-host Big Al Mack visited WDOD (Hits 96) in Chattanooga, TN, on August 8, where he was the guest of honor at the Chattanooga Lookouts baseball game. L-R: Big Al Mack and Brantley Bell of the Chattanooga Lookouts.


Changes & Moves
Eliott King
Eliott King
WIOQ-FM (Q102) Philadelphia will debut a new show, "Q102 Tonight with Eliott," effective September 9. The night show will air weekdays from More