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Promo Daily by Sander Walker
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Promo Daily for Monday, May 20, 2019 By Sander Walker
Power 98's Secure the Bag!
Charlotte's WPEG Power 98 is giving out all sorts of cool prizes - including CASH - in their Secure the Bag promotion going on now! The cue-to-call happens weekdays at 9 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm and the correct caller will have the chance to choose one of three bags!

Each bag contains prizes like concert tickets, movie passes, and one of the bags contains free cash! Be sure to secure the right bag to win the loot from Power 98!

Kiss 95.1's 5 Seconds to Cash!
From Charlotte's WNKS Kiss 95.1 comes 5 Seconds to Cash! Listeners have a chance to play weekdays at 7 am, Noon and 4pm when the jock will play five seconds a song for the correct caller!

If the listener can correctly identify the song they win $100 cash in the jackpot. However, if they miss it, their $100 gets added to the jackpot. The pot keeps growing until the next winner is found! It only takes 5 seconds to cash!

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