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August is...

Family Meal Month
Get Ready For Kindergarten Month
Happiness Happens Month
National Catfish Month
National Get Acquainted with Zespri Kiwifruit Month
National Goat Cheese Month
National Inventors' Month
National Panini Month
National Sandwich Month
National Toddler Month

Special Weeks

August 1-August 7:
International Clown Week
World Breastfeeding Week

August 2-August 9:
Skandia Cowes Week

August 3-August 9:
Assistance Dog Week

August 4-August 8:
Psychic Elements for Psychic Week
Psychic Week

August 6-August 10:
Exhibitor Appreciation Week

August 10-August 16:
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week

August 11-August 19:
Elvis Week

August 12-August 18:
National Resurrect Romance Week

Important Days

August 1:

International Beer Day
U.S. Air Force Day

August 4:

Coast Guard Day
National Chocolate Chip Day
National Mustard Day
Summer Bank Holiday in Scotland

August 5:

National Night Out to help prevent crime.
National Underwear Day

August 6:

National Fresh Breath Day

August 7:

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

August 8:

Garfield's comic strip sidekick Odie was born in 1978.

Happiness Happens Day
Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbors' Porch Day

August 9:

Singapore National Day

August 10:

Missouri was admitted to the U.S. as the 24th state on this day in 1821.
Smithsonian Institution founded on this day in 1846.
S'Mores Day
U.S. President (31st) Herbert Clark Hoover was born in West Branch, IA, in 1874.

August 11:

National Bowling Day

August 12:

IBM Personal Computer was released on this day in 1981.
Vinyl Record Day
World Elephant Day

August 13:

International Left-Handers Day

August 15:

Liberation Day in the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
National Relaxation Day

August 16:

National Airborne Day
National Homeless Animal Day
National Honey Bee Day

Stay Home With Your Kids Day

August 17:

National Men's Grooming Day

August 18:

Bad Poetry Day

August 19:

Star Trekcreator Gene Roddenberry was born in El Paso, TX, in 1921.
National Aviation Day
U.S. President (42nd) William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton, was born in Hope, AR, in 1946

August 20:

Singer, Isaac Hayes (Theme From Shaft) was born in Covington, TN, in 1942.
Singer/Writer, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) was born in Bromwich, England, in 1948.
U.S. President (23rd) Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, OH, in 1833.

August 21:

Hawaii became the 50th state on this day in 1959.
Singer, Kenny Rogers was born in Houston, TX, in 1938.

August 22:

Be An Angel Day

August 23:

Southern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day

August 26:

National Dog Day

August 27:

Independence Day in the Republic of Moldova
La Tomatina in Spain (Tomato Festival - world's biggest food fight with over 120 tons of tomatoes tossed)

U.S. President (36th) Lyndon Baines Johnson was born near Stonewall, TX, in 1908.

August 28:

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day

August 29:

College Colors Day

August 30:

International Bacon Day
National Toasted Marshmallow Day

August 31:

Singer, Van Morrison was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1945.


June 7-August 10:
Colorado Shakespeare Festival

July 1-August 16:
Grand Teton Music Festival

July 5-August 17:
Sterling Renaissance Festival (Weekends)

July 12-August 17:
Great Lakes Medieval Faire (Weekends)

July 18-September 13:
The BBC Promenade Concerts

July 19-August 9:
Carmel Bach Festival

July 19-August 24:
Camlann Medieval Faire

July 20-August 25:
Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival

July 23-August 3:
Ohio State Fair

July 23-August 24:
Little League Baseball World Series

July 24-August 2:
Ozark Empire Fair

July 25-August 2:
Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland
Montana State Fair

July 25-August 3:
Bangor State Fair

July 29-August 3:
Hot August Nights

July 30-August 3:
Maine Lobster Festival
McHenry County Fair

July 31-August 2:
Iowa Gas Petroleum Collectors Convention
Mountain Dance and Folk Festival

July 31-August 3:
Amish Acres Arts and Crafts Festival
Big Valley Jamboree
Gathering Of The Vibes
New Orleans Satchmo Summerfest

July 31-August 10:
Wisconsin State Fair

August 1:
Braham Pie Day

August 1-August 2:
Song of Hiawatha Pageant

Susquehanna County Blueberry Festival

August 1-August 3:
Blueberry Bluegrass and Country Music Festival
Bubonicon Science Fiction Convention
Canada's National Ukrainian Festival
Decatur Celebration
Leadville Boom Days with Burro Race
Twins Day Festival
White Oak Rendezvous
Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival

August 1-August 9:
National Eisteddfod of Wales

August 1-August 10:
Clark County Fair
New Jersey State Fair
Sioux Empire Fair

August 1-August 17:
Indiana State Fair

August 1-August 25:
Edinburg Festival Fringe in Scotland

August 2-August 3:
San Francisco Aloha Festival

August 2-August 4:
Canmore Folk Music Festival

August 2-August 16:
Folklorama Canada's Cultural Celebration

August 2-August 17:
The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

August 2-September 21:
New York Renaissance Faire

August 2-October 26:
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

August 4-August 10:
Sturgis Rally

August 5-August 10:
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

August 6-August 8:
Sendai Tanabata Festival, Japan

August 7-August 10:
Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Great River Tug Fest
Hope Watermelon Festival
Junction City's Scandinavian Festival
National Blueberry Festival
National Hobo Convention

August 7-August 17:
Illinois State Fair
Iowa State Fair
Missouri State Fair

August 8:
The Morikami Museum Bon Festival

August 8-August 10:
Kool-Aid Days
Abbotsford International Air Show
Alliston Potato Festival
Bard Music Festival
Dragonflight Gaming Convention
Long Beach Jazz Festival
Minnesota Irish Heritage Fair
San Jose Jazz Festival
Sunflower River Blues Festival

August 8-August 16:
Montgomery County Agricultural Fair
West Virgina State Fair

August 8-August 17:
Bard Music Festival

August 8-August 23:
Turku Music Festival in Finland

August 8-August 31:
Edinburgh International Festival

August 9:
Portage Potato Festival

August 9-August 16:
Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo

August 9-August 25:
Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 11-August 16:
Delaware County Fair

August 14-August 15:
Jersey Battle of Flowers in England

August 14-August 17:
Milwaukee Irish Fest
Montrose Blueberry Festival
Sun Prairie's Sweet Corn Festival

August 14-August 24:
Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
Kentucky State Fair

August 15-August 16:
Fargo Blues Festival
Texas Ranch Roundup

August 15-August 17:
Festival of The Little Hills
Machias Wild Blueberry Festival
Muddy Frogwater Country Classic Festival
Paradise Annual Wild Blueberry Festival
Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 15-August 24:
Western Idaho Fair

August 16:
Maine Highland Games

August 16-August 17:
Cotati Accordion Festival
SoNo Arts Celebration

August 16-September 21:
Michigan Renaissance Festival
Minnesota Renaissance Festival (Weekends)

August 18-August 24:
Llandrindod Wells Victorian Festival in Whales

August 20-August 24:
Corn Palace Festival

August 21-August 24:
Swiss Wine Festival

August 21-September 1:
Alaska State Fair
Evergreen State Fair
Minnesota State Fair
New York State Fair

August 22-August 23:
Barnesville Potato Days Festival
The National Lentil Festival

August 22-August 24:
Culver City Fiesta La Ballona
Hotter'N Hell Hundred Bike Race Festival
Milwaukee Mexican Fiesta

August 22-September 1:
Champlain Valley Fair

Colorado State Fair
Maryland State Fair
Nebraska State Fair
Oregon State Fair

August 23:
Bittinger Mennonite Church Country Fest and Auction

August 23-October 19:
Maryland Renaissance Festival (Weekends)

August 25-September 1:
The Burning Man Festival

August 26-September 1:
The Great Allentown Fair

August 27-September 1:
Columbia County Fair

August 28-August 31:
Chicago Jazz Festival

August 28-September 1:
Hopkinton State Fair
Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival
Old Threshers Reunion
South Dakota State Fair

August 29-August 31:
National Championship Chuckwagon Races
On The Waterfront
West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival

August 29-September 1:
Telluride Film Festival
Woodstock Fair

August 29-September 7:
Vermont State Fair

August 30-August 31:
Bertram Oatmeal Festival

August 30-September 1:
Missouri Botanical Japanese Festival

August 30-September 5:
Eastern Idaho State Fair

August 30-September 14:
Choctaw Oktoberfest

August 30-October 13:
Kansas City Renaissance Festival

August 30-October 19:
Ohio Renaissance Festival

August 31-September 6:
Tennessee Soybean Festival

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